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what is a seedless vascular plant's key innovation? what is an ex?
vascular tissue
is the gametophyte or the sporophyte dominant in seedless vascular plants? is it n or 2n?
sporophyte, 2n
where are the spores made?
are the sperm motile or immotile in seedless vascular plants?is this a limitation or no?
they are motile which means they need water
a limitation
are these seedless vascular plants heterosporous or homosporous?
name 3 distinct characteristics/key innovations of gymnosperms?
1.naked seed(not covered by fruit)
2.non-motile gametes(dont need water to reproduce)
3.reduced size and complexity of gametophytes(evolutionary trend)
what is an example of a gymnosperm? why are gymnosperms economically important?
pine tree
they give us wood and paper and when we cut down means less "transportaion"-> less water in atmosphere->warmer temps(global warming)
less photosynthesis->more CO2 in the air->more polution->global warming
what are the 4 groups of gymnosperms?
cycads,gingko,conifers(pine trees),gnetales(gnetophytes)
what prevents syphillis?
ephedra hevadensis a type of gnetale
are gymnosperms heterosporous or homosporous?
why are gymnosperms organized on the phylogenic tree oddly?
because not sure which one evolved first
distinguish between megaspore and microspore?
megaspore=female spore
microspore=male spore
what was the gymnosperms contribution?
the seed
why is the seed important?
1.dispersion(can go anywhere to grow desert,ocean)
2. germinate,grow,hatch when they find the conditions favorable(some can stay dormant and wait 100 yrs to grow)
what does the seed consist of?
-the seed coat=sporophytic tissue from the mother
-the food reserves that are derived from the megagametophyte
-the embryo, which is derived from the union of sperm and egg