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The cell membrane is made from?
Phospholipid bilayer
In order to get across the cell membrane a molecule must be the right___,___&___
size, charge, kind (lipid or water)
All of the codes for proteins and enzymes are found here
The site of protein synthesis is
If a molecule is not lipid soluble or too large or the wrong charge and not water it must get into the cell through the
protein channels
Once a protein is made it is then packaged and shipped out of the cell via a vessicle in the
golgi apparatus
the function of lysosomes are
to break down and digest
copying all of the DNA for the purpose of making a new cell is a process called
plants have 3 things that animal cells don't they are:
cell wall, vacuole & chloroplasts
Exocytosis is the process of
shipping bulk material out of the cell through vessicles