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List the 4 types of protozoans
1. sarcodine- moves with pseudopodia
2. zoomastigina- moves with flagella
3. ciliophora- moves with cilia
4. sporozite- don’t move
How does the Sarcodine move?
moves with extensions of the cytoplasm called pseudopodia.
Another name for a sarcodine??
the amoeba
How does the sarcodine ingest food?
uses pseudopodia to surround food and make food vacuoles for digestion.
What disease can the sarcodine cause?
amoebic dysentery
How would a sarcodine remove water from it's cell?
Contain contractile vacuoles to remove excess water.
How do the zoomastigina move?
move with long, tail-like flagella
What disease can a zoomastigina cause and how is it transmitted?
Can cause African sleeping sickness. This is transmitted by the Tsetse fly.
What's the most complex protozoan?
another name for a ciliophora is what?
the paramecium
what are the 6 organelles of the paramecium you need to know?
Oral groove- opening for food
Gullet- food is packaged into vacuoles
Anal pore- waste is expelled
Macronucleus- everyday cell function
Micronucleus- plays role in reproduction
Contractile vacuoles- pump out extra water
What are stentors?
the largest protozoan.
Shaped like a horn.
a paramecium
what is a vorticella?
The vorticella looks something like a funnel or bell.
It creates a little whirlpool around the top of the funnel to draw food into its body.
how do sporozoans move?
they do not move
how do sporozoans reproduce?
with spores
plasmodium causes what?
malaria is carried by what?
Malaria is carried by the Anopheles Mosquito.
6 groups of algae are what?
Chlorophyta- green
Rhodophta- red
Phaetophyta- brown
Basiliophyta- golden
what color are the chlorophyta and the rhodophyta?
Chlorophyta- green
Rhodophta- red
Basiliophyta & Phaetophyta are what colors?
Phaetophyta- brown
Basiliophyta- golden
what are the two colorless algae?
chlorophyta had these two things listed under them in the notes. What are they?
Volvox- spherical colony with small colonies inside
Spirogyra- long, spiral chloroplasts
explain rhodophyta
contains phycobin for photosynthesis in deep water where only red and blue lights can reach.
(brown) includes kelp
(golden) includes the diatoms which are very fancy- looking organisms.
animal-like because it can move with flagella and get food. Plant- like because it contains chloroplast and performs photosynthesis.
How can an euglena move toward the like?
Euglena has an eye spot that allows them to move toward light. They also have and extra covering called a pellicle.
very firm cell walls. Resemble a helmet.
What algae can cause red tide which makes seafood inedible?