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DNA can replicate and make more of itself.
DNA can mmake RNA and RNA makes protein
Which way does DNA twist?
to the Right
Are DNA molecues Polar
What are purines?
Adenine(A) and Guanine(G)
What are Pyrimidines
Cytosine(C) and Thymine(T)
What are the four bases?
Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine.
What do each of the bases bind to?
A with T
C with G
Does Purine always bind with a Pyrimidine?
What do each of the bases bind with?
A and T bind with two hydrogen Molecules.
G and C bind with three hydrogen Molecules.
what is the phosphate backbone of DNA?
Which way can DNA only grow/replicate?
5' - 3' direction
How does DNA replicate?
by semiconservative replication
how many replication models are there thought to be?
3. semircoservative, conservative, and disperrsive replication.
explain semiconservitive relication.
when the strands seperate,one was a daughter strand the other mother cell. the main templates remain.