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What is the function of the kidneys?
The kidneys act as a filtration system-filters waste, produces urine
What is the function of the adrenal glands?
produce a large number of hormones
What is the path of the urine?
kidney->uterer->urinary bladder->urethra
What is the pathway of an egg?
ovaries>fallopian tubes (oviduct)>uterus, vaginal opening
What is the pathway of sperm?
testes>epidydimus>vas deferens>urethra
What does the hypothalamus stimulate?
What does GnRH stimulate?
the pituitary gland
What does the pituitary gland secrete?
FSH and LH
What hormone secreted stimulates the follicles in females?
What does the follicles stimulate?
progesterone, estrogen, and corpus luteum
What does the corpus luteum do? in females.
stimulates the egg to be stimulated
What hormones stimulate the uterus? in females
progesterone and estrogen
What does the uterus do?
it is the uteral lining
What does the hormones produced by the pituitary glands in males stimulate?
What does birth control do?
it will promote uteral lining-then eggs will not be produced