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Metric system previxes:
Terra (T)
Giga (G)
Mega (M)
Kilo (k)
Hepta (h)
Deka (da)
Deci (d)
Centi (c)
Milli (m)
Micro (µ)
Nano (n)
Pico (p)
Femto (f)
Atto (a)
Metric system Mnemonic:
These gigantic monsters kill humans daily (until) death can make mighty new people form alliences.
Moving the decimal place:
When moving from a larger prefix to a smaller prefix, the decimal should be moved to the right.
Whem moving from a smaller prefix to a larger one, the decimal should be moved to the left.
The degree to which an observed value corresponds to the true value.
The degree to which measurements are reproducable when repeated.