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Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics of living organisms?
All of the above are characteristics of living organisms
Which of the following sequences of organization is likely to be seen in a multicellular organism, going from smallest to largest?
cell, tissue, system, organism
Which of the following characteristics is NOT required for the life of an individual organism to continue?
To reproduce
What is the process by which the sun's energy is trapped as the source of energy used by virtually all living organisms?
What is the name of all the chemical energy transformations that occur within a cell?
What do we call the maintenance of internal conditions of an organism within a certain boundary range?
Which of these is the process by which changes occur in the characteristics of species of organisms over time?
The two parts of a species name, in order, are the
genus name and specific epithet
Which of the following sequences correctly gives the different classification levels of an organism, going from the largest grouping to the smallest? (Some are left out.)
kingdom, phylum, class, order, species
Which of the following domains contains the most primitive bacteria that live in extreme environments?
Which of the following domains contains the common advanced plants and animals and fungi?
Which of the following kingdoms contains multicellular organisms that ingest their food?
Which of the following kingdoms contains primarily multicellular, largercelled, photosynthetic organisms?
An elementary student decides to conduct an experiment comparing the effectiveness of two commercial soaps as cleaning agents, using each in paired tests of different types of stains and colors of cloth, where the only variable is the soap used. The student will use the judgment of classmates to decide if the stains remain equal or if soap one cleans better than the other in each test run. However, the student makes no prediction of which soap is expected to perform best.
This is a scientific procedure, although it does lack a stated hypothesis describing an anticipated outcome.
What is a hypothesis?
a tentative statement, based on data, that can be used to guide further observations and experiments
Four groups of mice consume different amounts of sweetener in their food. The control group is the one that receives
no sweetener
Which of the following concepts is NOT one of the unifying theories of biology?
Life may arise through spontaneous generation
The characteristic of an individual that is necessary to the survival of the species but NOT to the survival of that individual is
All individuals of a given species living in a defined area at a defined time are a (an)
A group of college students order a pizza with mushrooms, ham, and pineapple. The mushrooms belong to the kingdom
The correct order of classification from most general to most specific is which of the following?
Which of the following elements is NOT one of the six most common in living organisms?
An atom's atomic number is best described as the number of
protons it contains
Potential energy is best described as the
stored energy that is available to do work
Which statement does NOT describe a chemical equation?
The products are placed to the left of the arrow
Which statement is NOT true about covalent bonds?
Covalent bonds form when an electron is completely lost or gained from an atom
Which statement is NOT true about water's properties?
The temperature of water rises and falls very quickly
Which term is based on the Greek root word for “water” and “fear”?
Which statement is NOT true about the pH scale?
The scale ranges from 1 to 15.
If the pH of cytoplasm is approximately 7.2, the cytoplasm is
slightly alkaline
The subatomic particle of an atom that carries no charge is a (an)
In the water molecule
all of the previous
As a solid, water floats. This means that
all of the previous
Human blood has a pH of about 7.4. This is
slightly basic
Which of the following is NOT one of the four most common elements found in living organisms?
Organic molecules are those that contain at least
carbon and hydrogen
A polysaccharide is a polymer made up of which kind of monomers?
simple sugars
A lipid is a polymer made up of which kind of monomers?
fatty acids and glycerol
Which carbohydrate is used in the liver for energy storage?
Which of the following lipids forms a bilayer between two watery regions, such as in the plasma membrane of a cell?
Cholesterol belongs to which of the following groups?
A protein is a polymer made up of which kind of monomers?
amino acids
A peptide bond is found in which type of biological molecule?
The alpha helix and beta sheet are found at which level of protein organization?
secondary structure
A nucleic acid is a polymer made up of which kind of monomers?
Which of these statements is NOT true about DNA?
It contains the sugar ribose.
Which statement is true about RNA?
One of the bases from DNA is replaced by uracil.
Polymers are
all of the previous
Which of the following is NOT a biologically active polymer?
A saturated fat is
all of the previous
Which is NOT true about the cell theory?
It states that bacteria and other small organisms can arise spontaneously.
Which is NOT a reason for the small size of cells?
The increased number of organelles requires that eukaryotic cells be smaller than prokaryotic cells.
Which is NOT true of eukaryotic cells?
They contain ribosomes that are smaller than those of prokaryotic cells.
Cells that do NOT produce cell walls are
animal cells
The nucleus is NOT important as the site of
protein synthesis.
Which is a true statement about ribosomes?
Ribosomal subunits leave the nucleus and form ribosomes in the cytoplasm.
Which of these is NOT part of the endomembrane system of the cell?
Each time the water in a cell freezes slowly, long sharp crystals spear through the membrane structures of the cell. However, in the frozen state, virtually no little chemical reactions occur. The most likely explanation for the bad taste of meat that has “freezer burn” from repeated freezing is the destruction of
lysosomes and resultant autodigestion.
Membrane-bounded vesicles that contain enzymes for oxidizing small organic molecules with the formation of hydrogen peroxide are
The organelle of the endomembrane system associated with the sorting of lipids and proteins for various cellular functions are
Golgi apparati