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The theme that reflects the idea that there has been a gradual change in the characterisitcs of spevies over time is_________.
A. Energy
B. Unity with diversity
C. Reproduction
D. Evolution
Living things change during their lives through____.
Growth and Devolopment
A. Reproduction
B. Growth and devolopment
C. Making responses
D. Adaptions and organization
As an organism develops, it does not do this.
Produce more of its own kind
A. Produce more than its own kind
B. It takes on the characteristics that identify it as a member of a species
C. Its amount of living material increases
D. Different parts grow at different rates
The information gathered from experiments is called what?
A. the data
B. the research
C. the hypothesis
D. the conclusion
The application of science to the needs and problems of society is______.
A. quantitative research
B. technology
C. descriptive research
D. pure science
A scientific explanation of known facts arrived at through repeated testing over time is a(n)_________.
A. theory
B. observation
C. natural law
D. experiment
Because it is often difficult to gather numerical data, ______ research is used.
A. quantitative
B. descriptive
C. scientific
D. ethical
Quantative research is most often reported as _______.
graphs and charts
A. graphs and charts
B. descriptions of behavior
C. long lists of numbers
D. all of these
An experiment is________.
a test of a hypothesis
A. an observation about nature
B. a way to prove a fact
C. a problem that may be solved
D. a test of a hypothesis
The part of an experiment which all conditions are kept the same is the ________.
A. hypothesis
B. control
C. conclusion
D. independent variable
A testable explanation for a question or problem is a(n)_______.
A. experiemnt
B. hypothesis
C. observation
D. verifiable law