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Who are the sons and daughters of men, Option 1?
Sons of God = godly line of seth
Daughters of men = evil line of cain
The sin was intermarriage of righteous with unrighteous, Nephilm are just mighty men
Who are the sons and daughters of men, Option 2?
Sons of God = angelic beings, like in Job 1:6
Daughters of men = human women
The sin was intermingling of demonic with mortal, giving rise to the Nephilim, the human/demon hybrids
Genesis 6:3
What does the 120 years mean? A man's individual limit? Or the promise of a the coming flood?
Why does Noah find God's grace?
If he was the last righteous person, what about Methuselah and Lamech? Was his righteousness dependent on his delay in having children?
Large floating box in the 16th century.
Ancient shape of Ark?
Ancient said it was a pyramid: Came from the description of "finish it to a cubit"
Geometrical cubit
equal to six cubits, nine feet
Medival Commentators
Draw attention to the typological interpretation which sees in the Ark the same proportional dimensions as a coffin.
What does min mean in relation to the Ark?
It could mean kind. It is the same that God created, the same he preserved on the ark.
Did Noah gather the animals?
No. Just put them on the Ark. This is seen in 6:20.
Mountains of the Quardu (Kurds)
William Paley, Natural Theology
...animals preying upon one another. the only question open to us is whether it be ultimately evil...Immortality upon the earth is out ot the question. Without death there could be no animal happiness.
Ray and Paley. Natural evil serves a good purpose
Even if we don't know what that purpose is, we should give God the benefit of the doubt
What does paley claim?
Death is a good thing.
Natural selections
Criters with variations that aid them in obtaining those resourceses surives
How does Darwin expalin Death?
His explanation of the origin of species draws on death as its mechanism
Christian working hypothesis for death 1
Physical death of humans and animals was a consequence of the Fall.
Christian working hypothesis for death 2
Biological causes of death resulted from the Fall
The four P's?
Predators, Parasites, Pathogens, and Poisons.
What do the four p's do?
Predators: Eat other criters.
Parasites: harm other criters
Pathogens: cause disease
Poisons: kill criters
there are consumers that eat other creatures to get energy.
Primary consumer
Eats plants inorder to gain energy.
Secondary conssumer
Eats primary consumers
Secondary consumers that actively kill their food.
Critters that live in close relationship with another critter (the host)
What does a parasite do?
It gets some kind of benefit fromt he host but always causes some kind of harm to the host.
Critters that cause disease and are technically a parasite is a kind of pathogen. They are also considered a single celled organism like bacteria, but this is not a proper definition.
Non-living substances (biological or otherwise) that cause death or suffering
What are the 3 kinds of poisions?
Simple chemical poisons
Protein toxins
Complex version
Explain the three options where these things come from.
1, God made it good, but it became bad on its own.
2. God made it good, then remade it bad at the curse.
3 God made it part of the Curse
4. God made it some other time.
God made it good, but it became bad on its own
2. God made it good, then remade it bad at the curse
3. God made it part of the curse
How did degeneration come about?
Either through modification or displacement. 1, Some orderly system within an organism breaks down by mutation resulting in pathology. Or, creters go where they were not inteded.
George McCready Price
1925 This degeneration is not confined to the mammals; it is an almost universal phenomenon through the animal kingdom. As sir william dawson has expressed it, "all things left to themselves seem to degenerate."
Grank Lewis Marsh
1947 The doctrine of specail creation does not teach that man today is as he was created. But rather, that the modern racese are degenerated forms of that first man, who was formed of dust by his creator.
Henry Morris
1963 Not only has God told us that he has finished his creation, and is no preserving it, so that nothing further is being created nor is anything being destroyed, but he has also told us that there is everywhere in the world a tendency toward decay and death.
What type of theory is Price, Marsh and Moris holding to?
An anti-evolution theory.
Paley's Design theory
God's design reveals a good designer. God cares for his creation by providing them with good designs that contribute their happiness.
Paley's Design solution for evil
"we cannot therefore acoid the difficulty by saying, that the effect was not intended. the only question open to us is, whether it be ultimately evil." "We never discover a train of contrivance to bring about an evil purpose."
Design and Evil Paley
Denial. It really isn't evil Even if it is evil, its for the ultimate good.
Design and Evil Dembsik
Dosn't change the design argument. Goodness of desiner is ancillary to existence of designer.
Designed evil and the curse
This curse brough physical death to the animals and humans. we know the curse contains elements that are likely only explicable through design
Death requires design
population control relies on death.
All organism rely on death.
feed on dead creatures
dead creatures recylce nutrients through the entire ecology
What is the role of degeneration
It has a role to play in understanding the origin of natural evil.
The role of design
Design is proably a far bigger factor in the origin of natural evil
What does the bible say about death?
it indicates death as an enemy and punishment
death before the fall becomes an athema to young-age creationists
What is the high mortality among turtles caused by?
What dipicts the ratio of mortality rates?
General surviorship curves
Wht two islands have been studied?
The island of St. mathews. That was with the reindeer. And, Isle Royale, with the moose.
What is the relationship between prey and predators?
There is a cycle.
When prey numbers increase.
predator numbers increase shortly thereafter.
When predator numbers increase
prey numbers go down. Predator numbers follow, allowing prey numbers to recover.
Who kept the records of lynx and snowshoe hares?
Canada's Hudson Bay Company
The Snowshoe hare and Lynx is a classic example of...
predator prey relationships
What death does?
death control population sizes
death also recyles nutrients
What do type III surviors need to do?
They need to reduce their reproduction ouput. THere are alot of type III surviors.
Carrying Capacity
Any enviroment can support a specfic number of individuals of a given species. that number is called the carrying capacity.
When must reproduction stop?
When the carrying capacity is reached
Paley was right in regard to death
Death in this world is good.
If the world before the Fall was deathless
it was very different from what we have today.
Did predators exist before the fall?
Yes. However, they were modified in some natural way.
Or, God directly redesigned them.
Or, God created them at the Fall: they did not exist before the fall.
What is Zooxanthellae?
It is the part of the Cassiopeia that keeps it from having a very potent sting.
Natural Modification?
It is the concept that something that had in the begining, doesn't exist anymore, and predatory traits appear. For example, with the jellyfish, if they were orignally designed to live with algae like zooxanthellae, and then the loss of zooxanthellae produced predatory traits.
What do modern species give us
an idea of the range of variation that is possible within a created kind
Bears are designed to eat meat, but their diet is largely herbivorous. They have adaptations that seem to help them eat plants. Which way did they start?
Death shows us..
That the curse must have been a complete overhaul of the world, not just an addition of death.
Conventional Gelogy
Earth is billions of years old and the fossil record slowly deposited over millions of years, supported by radiometric dating.
What three things help to explain that the fossil record could be explained by a catastrophic flood?
widespread deposition
rapid deposition'
water deposition
How do the colums in stratigraphy relate to one another?
They are not the same but they do relate and correlate.
What is one example of this correlation?
The Morrision Formation. It extends from New Mexico to Canada. Covers 700,000 sq miles. as mush as 470 feet thick in places.
What is strata deposited by?
What are the 4 examples of rapid emplacement in regard to strata?
Folded strata
Erosion surfaces
Modern rapidly-formed strata
Trace Fossils
Coconino Footprints
The experimental cases where they attempted to match something that would be similar to the coconino footprints. They tried lizards in underwatersand, wet sand, damp sand and dry sand. The underwater sand came the closest to the results of the fossils.
Fossil record
The flood can explain the individual fossil deposits, but can it explain the entire fossil reccord including the regular order of fossils?
George mcCready Price
Denined any order to the fossil reccord "Law of Comfortable Stratigraphical Sequence" "any fossilferous rock may occur comfortably on any other kind of fossilferous rock, old or young"
Harold Clark on the fossil record
He says Price is wrong. He spent the time examining rocks. There is a regular order to the fossil record. "Even though it is jumbled around a bit in places" Answer is ecological Zonation
Ecological Zonation
Does not handle the fossil recoord very well, especially at a fine level.
What are some aspects of Modern Geographical Zonation
ecology changes altitudinally but far more so provincially
Where did dinasours live?
To answer this we must know what direction the dinasour fossils came from. There is ongoing research in this area for creationists
What is a serpant?
The Hebrew definition indicates a snake
Could it be Satan or Satan controlled animal?
Satan is not mentioned anywhere in the passage
Could it be just an animal?
If so, then the tempation came from Eve's own nature and not primarly from the serpant. She failed to have dominon over the serpant and allowed the serpent to trick her.
"Cursed above all the Cattle"
All the cattle are cursed too?
What does "dust" mean?
"Dust" may be an allusion to the stuff humans are made of. Could we then read this as an condemnation to obligate carnivory?
Pain in childbirth?
This part of the curse connects to God's command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Now this command would be difficult to carry out.
Desire for husband?
Woman now has a submissive role to the man. This also corresponds to part of the creation narrative, namely making the woman as a suitable helper for man. Now that the role of helper carries with it conflict, since the woman will want to be in charge.
"Dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return"
physical death is part of curse, not just spiritual death.
refers to flocks
Ovis aries
In Israelite law, sacrifical lambs must be without blemish or defect. To ensure this, familes were to observe their sacrifices closely for a time to make sure that they were not defective.
Heb. 9:22
God requires blood sacrifice
Problem with blood sacrifice assumption
Context does not indicate that God requireda blood sacrice at this time. So while the details of the story are reminiscent of the Israelite sacrificial system, it is not necessarily part of this particular story.
God loves a cheerful giver
cain gave grudgingly, but Abel gave willingly and happily
Problem with cheeful giver
There is no indication of the attitude differences until after the girs are brought. This interpretation seems a bit eisegetical
Where did Cain get his wife?
Married his sister - scientifically possible
People already exisited - favorite answer of old-age creationists
Just an inconsistent part of the story - favorite answer of scoffers
Chapter 5 Verses 3-32
Numerical varients in Masoretic, Samaritan, and Septuagint
Interpreting the passage of ages is literally problematic
How do we know which tradition is correctly recording the ages? The Samaritan and Septuagint differ significantly from the Masoretic on every age.
What do these three different ages imply for biblical theology?
Note that three ages are given for each patriarch: the age at birth of the son, the length of life after the birth of the son, and the total age at death.
Genesis 7:11-12
In that day all sources of the watery depth burst open, the ffloodgates of the sky were opened, and the rain fell on the earth 40 days and 40 nights.
The Earth
Continental fit
ring of fire
earthquake zones
Seafloor spreading
Hotspot island volcanism
If the blank was a blank catrosphe, it must have been a blank one
we must blank plate blank and flood blank
Blank tetonics must be very blank
lava blank blank of ocean
Results of Plate Tetonics
massive rain and flooding
continental movement
mountain formation
everything dies
density of crust
densisty of mantle
density of ocean
dc and dm is blank then do
less than
How to study the earth
Tera Computational Mesh
In studying the earth, what happend?
The continents break into correct configurations
go where they should
Velocities explain
mountain ranges
As subduction begins, blank heats blank and lowers blank
Lowered viscosity allows blank blank to fall faster, thus blank the blank more and blank the viscosity even further
oceanic crust
heating the mantle