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What are the 6 themes of life?
The 6 themes of life are cells, organization, energy use, homeostasis, Growth, Reproduction
Give a short discription of cells?
All living things are composed of cells. Cells are very small.
Give a short discription of organization?
All living things are organized at the molecular and cellular levels. cels are organized by their functions.
Give a short discription of energy use?
Organisms require energy to maintain their molecular and cellular oraganization as well as to grow and reproduce.
Give a short discription of homeostasis?
Homeostasis is the internal conditions of the body like your temperature.
Give a short discription of growht?
Growth has to with the process of something growing and going through development and diffrentiation.
Give a short discription of reproduction?
Reproduction is when a species make more offspring of the same species which helps the species not go extinct.
How does growth occur in living and nonliving things?
Living things grow by the cells enlarging as for nonliving things grow by using the materials that they are already made of.
What are the 2 levels of organization?
The two levels of organiation are the molecullar and cellular levels.
Why have all organisms not been discovered?
All oraganisms haven't been discovered because scientist cant get to all places like deep into the sea and in forests.
Why do scientist communicate?
Scientists put their findings in journals so other scientists can look at them because scientists can build their work on anothers to help progress what they are studying.
Models can be visual, verbal, or even mathematical.
Theory is a broad and comprehensive statement of what is thought to be true.