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life arose on earth approcimately how many years ago
3.8 billion
______ the differnces among prganisms that allow for life in such a wide variety of eniveroments on earth
which of the following is not a charateric of most living organisms
none of the above
photosynthesis was a major evlutionary milestone because
all of the above
the fact that all cells come from preexisting cells is part of ______ theory
a group of cells that work together to carry out a similar function is known as
which of the follwoing are necessary for speciation to occur
reproductive isolation of two groups of organisms
which of the following is not a domain in the tree of life
the information needed to produce proteins is contained in
ecology is the study if how
speices interact with each other and the environment
in an example experiment, reaschers subjected frogs to various levels of UV-B radiation while keeping all other variables constant. This is an example of a ______ experiment
for a hypothesis to be scientifically valid, it must be ________ and it must be possible to ______ it
testible, reject
eukaroytic cells differ from prokaroytic cells in the fact that they have
organisms are named using thier ___ and then their _____
genius, species
the atomic number of an element refers to the number of _____ in an atom
whic of hte flowing statements concerning electronss is NOT true
the outer shell of all atoms must contain eight electrons
the element with which of the following atomic numbers would be stable
how can you differentiate between an element and a molecule
molecules may be composed of different types of atoms, whereas elements are always composed of only one type of atom
the strongest chemial bonds occure when
two atoms share electrons in a covalent bond
you have discovered that a molecule is hydrophilic. what else do you know about this milecule
both a and c
the stability of the 3-dimensional shape of many large molecules is dependent on
hydrogen bonds
the molecular weight of gluose is 180. if you added 180 grams of glucose to a .5 liter of water, what would be the molarity of the resulting solution
why does ice flaot in water
ice is less dense than water
cola has a pH of 3; blood plasma has of pH of 7. The hydorgen ion concentration of cola is ____ than the hydrogen ion concentation of blood plamsa
10,000 times greater
if solution A has a pH of 2 and solution B has a pH of 8, which of the following statements is true
A is acidic and B is acidic
one mole of glucose wieighs
180 grams
the role of a buffer is to
maintain pH homostasis
which of the following statemtnts about water is correct
water has a high specific heat
what occurs in a chemial raection
the bonding partners of atoms changes during the reaction