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What structure is found in human anatomy but not in the rat anatomy?
gall bladder
The rat heart is in what position to its liver?
Name the first three arterial branches off the aortic arch:
brachiocephalic artery
left common carotid artery
left subclavian artey
What membrane surrounds the heart?
pericardial membrane
Name the two vessels that branch off the brachiocephalic artery:
right subclavian artery
right common carotid artery
What vein drains the liver?
hepatic vein
What vein drains blood from the intestines?
hepatic portal vein
Which artery carries blood with lowest amount of oxygen?
pulmonary artery
Which vein carries blood with the highest amount of oxygen?
pulmonary vein
Name the initial branch off the abdominal aorta that leads to the hepatic artery, gastric artery, and splenic artery.
coeliac artery
What muscles are found between the ribs that are important for breathing?
intercostal muscles
Urine leaves the kidney via the ______________ and is stored in the _________________ and leave the body through the ______________________.
The _____________________ is a structure homologous to the male penis.
The ____________________ in the female rate is homologous to the testis in the male rat.
How is the uterus of the female rate different from that of humans?
urethra opens directly to outside
Sperm is produced in the _________________, stored in the ________________________ travels up through the ____________ _____________________ to the urogenital tract or ____________.
Sperm is produced in the __________testes_______, stored in the _______scrotum_________________ travels up through the ___vas defrens_________ _____________________ to the urogenital tract or ____urethra________.
The brain is covered with a thick membrane known as the ________________ _______________.
dura matter
The __________________ nerve lies between the common carotid artery and the jugular vein.
Involuntary muscle coordination and balance is controlled by the ___________________ of the brain.
Regulation of autonomic functions such as heart rate and pace of breathing is controlled by the _______________________ of the brain..
Voluntary control of muscles, conscious sensation perception, processing of information occurs in the ____________________ of the brain.
What position is esophagus to the dorsal root ganglion. __________________
The position of the esophagus is _____________________ to the trachea
The position of the trachea is __________________ to the larynx.
Caudal to the junction of the small intestines and the large intestines can be found the __________
The ________________________ at the base of the tongue covers the opening to the trachea.
The skull, vertebral column, and the rib cage make up the ____________________ ________________________.
axial skeleton
The pectoral girdle, the forelimbs, the pelvic girdle, and the hind limbs make up the ___________________________ ________________________.
appendicular skeleton