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What is an inhibitor
it reduces catalytic activity
What is an activator
it allows catalytic activity
What is feedback inhition
The last product in a metabolic pathway binds to an allosteric site of an enzyme in an early step of the pathway and inhibits activity of the enzyme
What is irreverisible inhibition
the enzyme is permanently inactivated or destroyed
What is reversible inhibition
if the inhibitor is removed, the enzyme activity can be recovered
What is competitive inhibition
The inhibitor is similar in structure to a substrate. it competes with sub for binding to the active site and adding more sub does help
What is noncompetitive
binds at allosteric site, alters enzyme shape to make active site unavailable and adding more sub. doesn't help
What is oxidoreduclasses
catalyze ox/red. rxn
What is transferases
transfers a functional group
What is hydrolases
it catalyze the hydrolysis of various bonds
What is lyases
it cleaves various bonds by means other than hydrolysis and ox.
What are the isomerases
it catalyzes isomerization changes within a single molecule
What is a ligase
it joins 2 molecules with covalent bonds
What plus a cofactor equals an active enzyme (bound together)
What is the induced fit
When the enzyme-substrate complex forms, the shape changes.