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What are the 7 biogeographical regions?
1. Nearctic
2. Neotropical
3. Paleartic
4. Oriental
5. Ethiopian/African
6. Australian
7. Antarctica
What are the 4 major flyways in North America?
1. Atlantic Coast
2. Pacific Coast
3. Mississippi River
4. Plains/Rockies
What are 2 Major Mammal divisions?
Marsupials and Placentals
What is another term for a Marsupial?
What is another term for a Placental?
Eutherians; raised in a placenta
What is an egg laying mammal referred to as being?
Prototherian; only 3 species of prototherian.
Who got to Australia? Marsupials or Placentals?
What is special about all marsupials found in Australia?
They are endemic to Australia only.
How many years ago did Australia become isolated and when did its Marsupials begin to diverge?
45 mya and 70 mya
Why is Australia so dry?
Ice forms Antarctica pulls moisture out of the air, hence Australia is dry
What percentage of plants are endemic to Australia? What are 2 examples of endemic plants?
75%; Eucalyptus and Myrtle Family plants
How much percentage of Aus.'s flora does the Myrtle family account for?
What is the most endemic, deepest and oldest lake in the world?
Lake Baikal in Eastern Russia
What makes a river endemic?
1. Old age
2. Isolation
3. Depth of the river
When did the Aborigines make it to Australia?
18-30,000 years ago
What’s are the 3 key placental animals the Aborigines brought?
2. Rats
3. Bats
What is the fisher?
A weasel like animal that exhibited natural range extension when it traveled from Massachusetts to Eastern CT.
What is the main reason for invasive species?
What is ballast water?
Water taken in by ships for weight that is dumped in other waters so species can travel this way.
True or False: A large percentage of invasive species are successful.
FALSE, they are usually unsuccessful.g
Are alien and exotic species different?
No, they are the same thing.
True or False: All invasive species are alien species
TRUE; though not all alien species are invasive.
What part of the US has the most endemism? What part of the contiguous US has the most endemism?
Hawaii; Florida
True or False: Bird species richness generally decreases from poles to equator
FALSE. Because there is usually more species richness near the equator.
True or False: Few marsupials remain in the world outside of Australia.
FALSE. Tons of marsupials everywhere.
What is another term for prototherians?
What is theria?
species that birth live animal; vavaporous.

2 kinds of theria.
What did primates evolve from?
Small insectivores
What did humans evolve from?
What is one possible explanation of increased brain sizes in humans?
fat-rich foods
What continent has the greatest number of exotic species?
North America
What is the Rule of 10?
10% of exotic species will become a problem
What opened the door for invasive species?
European exploration
What are the 3 most diverse orders within mammals?
1. rodents
2. bats
3. insectivores
How did placentals get to Australia?
sweepstakes route
What is Wallace's Line?
a narrow straight of water separating the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok