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What do all living organisms have in common?
1)Life is complex and dynamic
2)Life is organized and self-sustaining
3)Life is cellular
4)Life is information based
5)Life adapts and evolves
What is Biochemistry? How did Biochemistry (and organic chemistry) begin?
Biochemistry is the molecular investigation of life. Biochemistry and organic chemistry began with the synthesis of urea from inorganic substances--> proved that organic compounds don't just come from organic substances.
What are the major classes of organic molecules in a living organism? (4 of them) Waht are the major functions of each? Which and what are macromolecules?
1)Amino Acids & Proteins
2)Sugars & Carbohydrates
3)Fatty Acids
4)Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids
What is a polymer? (Give an example)
A long chain of repeating atoms (ex. DNA and repeating nucleotides)
What are the 4 major elements making up living things? What two other elements combined with these 4 make up 92% of a cell's mass?

H20 = water