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An alternatiave pathway, the ______, operates to varying extents in different cells and tissues. The role of this pathway is primarily ____ rather than catabolic.
Pentose Phosephate Pathway

The Pentose Phosphate pathway has two primary functions:
1. To provide NADPH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide Phosphate) for reductive biosynthesis

2. To provide ribose-5-phosphate (5 carbon sugar) for nucleotide and nucleic acid biosynthesis
In addition to providing NADPH for reductive syn. and ribose-5-phosphate, the Pentose pathway operates to:
1. metabolize diatary pentose sugars

2. in plants acts as the reverse to the carbon fixation process.
Pentose Phosphate pathway is an alternative to glucose oxidation and produces the following precursers:
Other sugar Phosphates
Anabolic means:
Breakdown to produce energy
What are the major sites of production for cholesterol?
1. LIver
2. adrenal cortex
3. Gonads (sex hormones)
4. Small intestine
All cell types can syn cholesterol but derive it from __ secreted by the __
plasma lipoprotein

adn intestine.
If the liver adn intestine
do not provide enough __, then __ syn. of cholesterol (27C compound) is activated in other cells
plasma lipoprotiens

What is the major control point in cholesterol syn?
HMG-CaA Reductase
cholestyramine can
lower cholesterol by lowerign hepatic pool which causes the production of more LDL receptors
ATherosclerosis is
1. infection damages lining of artery
2. cholesterol attaches to lining
3. congealed blood covers chol
4.prevents chol plaque to be removed adn build up plaque on artery
5. lead to heart attack