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hormone sensitive lipase
The enzyme that releases fatty acids from triacylglycerol.

Active when phosphorylated.
serum albumin
Protein that binds fatty acids released into bloodstream and carries it to other tissues.
The catabolic pathway for fatty acid breakdown. Occurs in mitochondrion of mammals.

Four reactions long, repeated until all fatty acid is converted to acetyl-CoA
When attached to acetyl it carries the acetyl across the inner membrane via transporter protein in membrane. There is detaches and a waiting CoA takes its place.
ketone bodies
acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate
acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Major regulatory enzyme in the fatty acid synthesis pathway.

Stimulated allosterically by citrate.
Inhibited by long chain fatty acids.
Inactivated by phosphorylation.
Produce fatty acids up to 24 C long.
Located in mitochodrion and ER
Enzymes that introduce double bonds into fatty acids, only btwn carboxyl-end and 9th C and only spaced 3 C apart.