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Complex I or NADH Dehydrogenase or NADH-CoQ reductase
Substrate: NADH
Product: QH2
Acceptor: CoQ
Cofactors: FMN, FeS
Complex II or Succinate
dehydrogenase, Succinate-CoQ reductase
Substrate: succinate
product: Fumerate + QH2
Acceptor: CoQ
Cofactors: FAD
Does not pump H across the membrane
Complex III or cytochrome b-c complex, Cytochrome C-CoQ reductase
Substrate: QH2
product: reduced cytochrome c
acceptor: cytochrome C
Cofactors: cyt b, cyt c, Fe-S
Complex IV or cytochrome aa complex, cytochrome oxidase
Substrates: Cyto. c, O2
Product: H2O
Cofactors: Cu, cyt. a, a3
What is the product of complex I and II and a substrate to complex III?
What are the carriers for Category I?
H & e-
What are the cofactors for Category I?
FMN & FAD, Q10
What are the carriers for Category II?
electrons only
What are the cofactors for Category II?
Fe in Hemeoglobin
Heme cytochromes
Complex V or ATP Synthase
Complexes establish a proton gradient across inner Mt. membrane. Complex V is where coupling takes place.

Substrate: ADP
Product: ATP
Cofactors: none