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What are the two types of gene expression?
Constitutive (continuous expression of genes that are needed all the time) and

Internal regulation (genes that are not needed all the time and can be induced or repressed as necessary
What is the difference between Positive regulation and negative regulation?
In positive regulation, an activator (inducer) recruits RNA polymerase to a promotor site

In negative regulation, a repressor inhibits RNA polymerase from binding to the promotor side.

Effector molecules (co repressors) act in both cases to cause binding or dissociation
Repressors/Activators are ____
DNA binding proteins
What are some of the common motifs for regulatory proteins
Helix turn Helix, Zinc Finger and Leucine Zipper
Helix turn Helix is involved in ____ ____ binding and is common in _____
major groove; prok cells
Zinc Finger motifs are involved in ____ ___ binding and are common in _____
euk cells
What is an operon?
when the genes for proteins that are related in function are clustered into units on the chromosome
Leucine Zipper motifs are found in _____ and are in volved in what kind of interactions?
euk cells; protein protein interactions