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into which part of developing mouse is gene of interest injected in the creation of transgenic mice?
when creating a transgenic mouse, you must pay particular attention to what?
the promoter being used and possible consequences of expression of the transgene
which two factors are important to integrate into the cloned gene for selection of genes used in creation of knockout mice?
antibacterial resistance for positive selection and thymidine kinase for negative selection
what does negative selection prevent in creation of the construct for knockout mice?
the construct adding at the improper location -- non-homologous recombination
by what process is a host gene replaced by a mutated gene construct in the creation of knockout mice?
homologous recombination
what phenotype is used in mice to select mice heterozygous for the knockout mutation?
fur color
into which embryonic structure are stem cells mutant for the selected gene injected in the creation of knockout mice?
if you breed a chimeric mouse with a homozygous wildtype mouse with skin the color of the foster mother, the heterozygous mice that result will have what makeup for the gene of interest?
X+/X+ or X+/X-
which genotype for the gene of interest is selected and bred to form a homozygous knockout mouse?