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describe the components of a transcription unit
promoter, through terminator
genes transcribed left to right use which strand as template
use the bottom strand as template
genes transcribed right to left use which strand as template
use top strand
-35, -10
-35: where RNA pol initially interacts
-10 pribnow
how many RNA pols do prok have?
describe RNA pol in transcription
holoenzy with six subunits
sigma - binds promoter, stabalizes/enhances affinity for binding
beta - active site/catalytic binds nucleoside triphosphates
beta' - binds DNA template
omega - renatures polymerase after its been dissociated
alpha - assembly and regulation

syn first 9nt's then initiation ends and sigma released
Rho indep termination of transcription, whats in the stem?
RNA pol is released
RHO dependent
atpase six subunits
binds C rich recog site in RNA chain
5'3' helicase catches up with RNA pol when it pauses
30S precursor
16S 23S 5S

30S - 16S
50S - 23S 5S
Euk rRNA
TRanscribed and nontranscribed spacers
40 - 18S,
60 - 5.8 28 5TRNA(pol III)
RNA pol II
more than 10 subunits
two largest are catalytic activity
C-terminal domain (phos'd by TFIIH to proceed from initiation to elongation)
binds dna non spec
RNA pol I in euk
General transcription factors
UBF1 - binds core promoters
SL1 -binds ubf1
RNApol I is then recruited
initiator is purine or pyrimidine rich?
conserved sequence around start of transcription
What else is in the promoter besides the core promoter
URE - upstream regulatory elements, bind specific transcriptional activators
TRanscriptional activators have what two domains
DNA binding - zn finger hlh homeo domains, leu zipper

transcription activation - glu rich, facilitates interaction with other factors
activation domain of transcriptional activator does what
initiation and elongation rate
What is important about TAF's?
one of them has a HAT activity
what are HDACs
histone deacetylases remove actyl groups from histon tails
EUK pre-initiation complex
TBP binds minor groove - only member to make direct contact
TFIIA/B join stabilizing its binding
TFIIF (atp dep helicase)brings in RNA pol II
TFIIE joins
Initiation of transcription in euk
first phosphodiester bond forms using ATP hydrolysis
TFIIH (helicase) and TFIIJ join
TFIIH phosphorylates C terminal domain of RNA pol II
how do you move from preinitiation complex to initiation?
TFIIH phosphorylates C terminal domain of RNA pol II
release GTF's, after 60-80 nt's rest of TFII's are released
Wilms disease
WT-1 is a tumor suppressor

repressor activity of WT-1 inactivated when it's mutated in WILMS TUMOR
Post transcriptional (have made the mRNA) processing in euk tRNA
tRNA addition of CCA, 3' end trimmed, 5' end trimmed, intron in anticodon stem removed, base modifications
POST Transcriptional(have made the mRNA) processing in EUK
tRNA, mRNA cap/tail(ATP, not req for getting out of nucleus), splicing,
Four groups of introns and how you remove them
I and II - ribozyme autocat, lower euk
II and III- lariat, autocat(self splicing)
III spliceosome
IV endonuclease and ligase (yeast)
snRNA's and snRNP's (U1-6 lots of uracil)
REQ ATPfor assembly
name the three splice sites
donor GU 5'
acceptor AG 3'
A branch site
How does the spliceosome work
U1 binds donor
U2 binds branch
U4-6 bind and spliceosome is complete
Activated A cleaves exon-intron
acceptor cleaved
beta thalassemia
improper splicing