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What types of lipids are used for:
energy = FAs

storage = TAGs

transport = TAGs in lipoproteins, free FAs bound to albumin
What enzymea and products come from lipid digestion of:

cholesteryl ester
cholesteryl ester --cholesteryl esterase--> cholesterol

phosphatidylcholine --lipases--> glycerylphosphorylcholine + 2 FAs

triacylglycerol --pancreatic lipase--> 2-monacylglycerol
What do lingual and gastric lipases catalyze the digestion of? What kind of enzymes are they?
TAGs containing FAs with short of medium chains

they are acid stable enzymes so they wont be destroyed or denatured by high pH (digestive tract)
When are lingual and gastric lipases important?
neonates (milk fat) becuase it doesnt have long chains

cystic fibrosis (no pancreatic lipase)
What is emulsification?

What facilitates it?
increases the surface area of lipid droplets for better digestion for TAGs with long chain FAs

bile salts and peristalsis facilitate it
Where are bile salts produced? stored?
produced by liver from cholesterol

stored in gallbladder
What hormone stimulates the release of bile salts from gall bladder?
what can we eat to decrease the amount of recycled bile?
diet rich in fiber
TAG degradation:

what removes FAs? What results?
What helps with this?
esterase (pancreatic lipase) removes FAs from TAGs > 2 monacylglycerol + free FAs

colipase binds to lipase for better digestion
What drug inhibits lipases?

anti-obesity drug > undigeste dlipids > fat malabsorption > weight loss

affects digestion not actual absorption

also results in deficiency of vitamins that are fat solible
What enzyme does cholesterol ester degradation? What results?

What helps it out?
cholesterol ester hydrolase (cholesterol esterase) hydrolyzes cholesterol esters into free cholesterol and free fatty acids

bile salts increase its activity