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Name for the level of depolarization a membrane has to reach for an action potential to be reached
Threshold of Excitation
This is the fatty material surrounding the axon
Myelin Sheath
The result of this ion entering the cell would likely result in an EPSP
The specific structure of the brain that is most commonly associated with drug addiction
Nucleus Accumbens
This type of receptor is commonly associated with rapid, short lived effects
Ionotropic Receptor
The cut of the brain that would show brain structures as they would be seen from the front
Coronal Plane
This process results in the info of new synapses and peaks by age 6
This division of the nervous system consists of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
Autonomic Nervous System
Language zone is located in this lobe
Temporal Lobe
This is the innermost layer of the meninges that closely envelops the surface of the brain
Pia Matter
Majority of the bodys heat production comes from this
Basal Metabolism
This type of thirst occurs when there is a high concentration of sodium in the extra cellular fluid of your body
Osmotic Thirst
When external cues are eliminated the human circadian rhythm appears to be this length
almost 25 hours
The name of the receptors located in the venous return to detect blood volume and initiates hypovolemic thirst
One theory to explain this is the build up of Adenosine
Sleep Debt
According to the James Lange Theory, intensity of emotions is directly related to this
Physiological Arousal
Damage to the insular cortex would likely result in a diminished ability to experience this feeling
This is a specific area in the hypothalamus that appears to play a role in sexual behavior in males
Medial Preoptic Area
Damage in the area will often result in an animal refusing food
Lateral Hypothalamus
The name of the theory for long term hunger regulation
Lipostatic Theory
This structure of the brain is often considered to relay sensory info to various parts of the cortex
Besides the Reticular Activating System this structure of the brain plays an important role in sleep and arousal
Basal Forebrain
This hormone is nicknamed the cuddle hormone
Damage to the suprachiasmatic nucleus would likely result in a disruption of the
Biological Clock
These types of cells are often referred to the 'forgotten majority'
Glial Cells