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Who is considered to be the father of genetics?
Gregor Mendel
A phenotype is the appearance/ characteristic of a gene?
True or False
What are the chances of a white flower being produced by a homozygouse dominant red parent and a homozygouse recessive white parent?
If W represents brown eyes and w represents blue eyes, what is the phenotype of a person with "Ww"
What is the genotype of a person with blue eyes?
"ww" (2 lower-case double-you's)
What is it called when two genes interact to produce a phenotype that neither is capableofproducing itself? (ex.chicken combs)
complementary interaction
In sex-linked genes, the father only gives half of his genes on his X chromosome to his daughter.
True or False
False, in sex linked genes, hte father gives all of his genes on the X chromosome to his daughter
In sex linked deseases, if a father is normal, and the mother is normal, and they produce an affected son, what must have happened?
The mother was hiding the affected gene. THe mother was heterozygous.
X-linked deseases are more common in males than in females
true or false
If a crossover value is 1%, how many map units apart are the genes?
1 unit apart