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Minerals, temperature, and soil quality are considered __________ components of an ecosystem.
Two organisms that use the same resources when those resources are in short supply are said to be:
In a commensalistic relationship an organism:
neither harms nor benefits the host.
Competition for a limiting resource would be a _________.
Density Dependent Factor
Microbial antagonism is:
where established bacteria suppress the growth of invading bacteria.
Which of the following pairs represents a mutualistic relationship?
The microorganism Trichonympha and termites
Plants and other photosynthetic organisms are:
The living components that make up the ecosystem are collectively called the ______components of the ecosystem.
What type of relationship exists in which a microorganism lives on the body, yet doesn't cause harm and does not benefit the host?
a commensalistic relationship
What is the relationship called when one organism lives by harming another?
A population is considered to grow when:
the birth rate exceeds the death rate.
The interaction between abiotic and biotic factors shapes a(n):
The human population first began to increase with the development of:
Your pet frog is a/an _________. Frogs eat worms which are ________. Worms eat dead organic material and are therefore _________.
consumer; heterotrophs; consumers
commensalism is considered _______ for both species.
positive for one and neutral for another
Lyme disease is transmitted by which vector?
the deer tick
birth rate – death rate = _______________
growth rate
a tomato plant is a _____
Organisms that utilize the remains of other organisms as their energy source are called: