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The Correct sequence of steps in theM phase of a cell cycles is
prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis
in animal cells, hydrolytic enzymes are packaged to preven general destruciton of cellular components. which of the following organelles fuctions in this compartmentalization
when a cell releases a single molecule into the enviornment and a number of cells in the immediate vicinity respond, this type of signaling is
paracrine signaling
A woman who has blood type A, has a daughter who is type O positive and a Son who is type B negative, Rh positive is a simple dominate trait over Rh negative. Which of the following is a possible phenotype for the father? a)A b)AB c)O d)B e) n/a
When pairs of homologous chromosomes separte during anaphase I
The sister chromatides remain linked to one another
Which of the following is true of a speices that has a chromosome number of 2n=16
The are 8 homologous pairs.
Individuals with this disorder are unable to metabolize certain lipids, affecting proper brain developemtn. Affected individuals die in early child hood
Tay-Sachs disease
Huntington’s disease is casued by a dominant allele, if one of your parenets has the disease, what is the probability that you, too, will have the disease
atoms can be represented by simply listhing the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons which atom represents the 14 C isotope of carbon?
6P+, 8N, 6 E-
statement is true of all cationic atoms?
the atom ahs more p+ than e-
how many grams of C12H22O11 is required to make 1M aquisous solution?
342 grams
Identify the asymmetric carbon in this molecule:
H- C - C- C – C –H
Name the functional group in this amino acid :
H2N and COOH
The interior of the phospholipid bilayer is
The ATP made during fermentation is generated by which of the following?
Substrate –level phosphorylation
Which of the following statements correctly describes catabolic pathways
They release energy as they degrade polymers to monomers
Choose the pair of terms that correctly of terms that correctly completes this sentence
Completes this sentence
Proteins are to___________ as __________ are to monosaccharide

a)enzymes; polypeptides
b)amino acids; enzymes
c)peptide linkage; polymers
d)amino acids; carbohydrates
Which of the following structure-function pairs is mismatched?
a)nucleolus; ribosome production
b) ribosome; protein synthesis
c) endomembrane system; mitochondria
d) Goli; protein trafficking
hich of the following is not a protein?
A cell whose cytoplasm has a concentration of .02 molar glucose is placed in a test tube of water containing .02 molar glucose. Assuming that glucose is not actively transported into the cell, which of the following terms describes the tonicity of external solution relative to the cell cytoplasm of the cell?
According to the 1st law of thermodynamics
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed
Normally occurs whether or not Oxygen is present
Paracrine signaling…
Involves secreting cells acting on nearby target cells by discharging a local regulator into the extracellular fluid
Cells that are in a nondividing state are in which phase
If a cell has 8 chromosomes at metaphase of mitosis, how many chromosomes will it have during anaphases?
Where do the microtubules of the spindle originate during mitosis in both plants and animals?
What is the primary function of the Calvin Cycle?
Synthesize simple sugars from C02
Testosterone functions inside a cell by
Acting as a steroid signal receptor that activates ion-channel proteins
What is the primary function of the light reactions of photosynthesis
To produce ATP and NADPH
In DNA form any species, the amount of adenine equals the amount of thymine, and the amount of guanine equals the amount of cytosine
Erwin Chargaff
The correct sequence of steps in the M phase of a cell cycle is
Prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis
In animal cells, hydrolytic enzymes are packaged to prevent general destruction of cellular components. Which of the following organelles functions in this compartmentalization
When a cell releases a signle molecule into the enviourment and a number of cells in the immediate vicinity respond, this type of signaling is
Paracrine signaling
You briefly expose bacteria undergoing DNA replication to radioactively labeled nucleotides. When you centrifuge the DNA isolated from the bacteria, the DNA separates into two classes one class labeled DNA includes very large molecules and the other includes short stretches of DNA. These two classes of DNA probably represents
Leading Strands and Okazaki fragments
A Barr body is normally found in the nucleus of which kind of human cell
Somatic cells of a female only
Red-green color blindness is a sex linked recessive trait in humans 2 people with normal color vision have a color-blind son. What are the genotypes of the parents
XCXc and XCy
Which enzyme catalyzes the elongation of a DNA strand in 5’ --> 3’ direction
DNA polymerase
Which of the following helps to stabilize mRNA by inhibiting its degradation
5’ cap and poly-A tail
what kind of chemical bond is found between paired bases of the DNA double helix
angiosperms are the most successful terrestrial plants this success is due to all the following except:

a)sperm cells with flagella
b)animal pollination
c)fruits enclosing seeds
d)highly efficient xylem
e)reduced gametophytes
Which structure must pass through the micropyle for successful fertilization to occur in angiosperms
Two sperm nuclei and the pollen tube
The sporophyte depend on the gametophyte for nutrition
How have fruits contributed to the success of angiosperms
By facilitating dispersal of seeds
The following are common to both charophyceans and land plants except
a)chlorophyll a
e)chlorophyll b
True of seedless vascular plants
Whole forests were once dominated by large, seedless vascular plants
If a fern gametophyte is a hermaphrodite, then it
Belongs to a species that is homosporous
Which of the following is an ongoing trend in the evolution of land plants
Reduction of the gametophyte phase of the life cycle
Seeds commonly provide for each of the following except
c)a nutrient supply for the embryo
d)desiccation resistance
e)a choice of germination location
Bryophytes have all the characteristics except:
b)a reduced, dependent sporophyte
c)specialized cells and tissues
d)walled spores in sporangia
e)lignified vascular tissue