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Carrying capacity
the largest population of any single species that an area can support
forest destruction that results in human activity
Direct harvesting
the destruction of an organism or the removal of an organism from its habitat
Energy flow
the movement of energy through an ecosystem
Fossil fuel
a fuel, such as coal and gas, that comes from the remains of an organism that lived millions of years ago
Global warming
an increase in Earth's average surface temperature caused by an increase in greenhouse gases
The process of converting an economy into one in which large-scale manufactoring is the primary economic base
Nonrenewable resources
any resource, such as fossil fuels and minerals, that cannot be replaced
Nuclear fuel
an energy source that results from splitting atoms
Ozone shield
the layer of ozone gas in the upper atmosphere that protects Earth from some of the sun's radiation
a harmful change in the chemical makeup of soil, water, or air
Renewable resource
Earth's resources, such as our food supply and our solar energy, which, given time, can be replaced
all of the practical scientific knowledge that has been used to meet human needs
an exchange or agreement made to reach a compromise
Water cycle
the process by which water continuously moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back