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What does the Pons do?
-regulates breathing rate
-reflex centers concerned with head movements in response to visual/ auditory stimuli.
where are the hypothalamus and thalamus located?
-the Diencephalon
what systems does the hypothalamus have a link to? why?
what does it maintain?
-endocrine, nervous
-controls pituitary gland
what do the centers of the hypothalamus regulate?
-hunger, sleep, thirst, body temp, water balance, blood pressure.
what is the last portion of the brain for sensory input before cerebrum?
what does the thalamus do?
-central relay station for sensory impulses (except for smell)traveling up from brain to cerebrum.
where is hypothalamus located?
where is the thalamus located?
where is cerebellum located?
-forms 3rd floor of ventricel
-in roof of 3rd ventricle
-below cerebrum
what are cerebellums functions?
-coordinates muscle actions, maintains equilibrium and muscle tone, sustain normal posture.
-learns body poeition from ear/ keeps balance
what is the largest and foremost part of brain?
what is cerebrums function?
-uses sensory imput to command motor responses
-higher thought processes: learning/memory/lang./speech
what causes sleep? what causes comatose?
-inactive reticular formation in cerebrum
-severe injury to RAS
what causes alertness?
-reticular formation (network of cell bodies/ fibers) arouse cerebrum
what is the cerebral hemispheres connected by?
-bridge of nerve fibers called the CORPUS CALLOSUM
what is the outer portion of cerebral hemispheres? consisting of what?
-cerebral cortex
-gray matter containing cell bodies and unmyelinated fibers.
how does cerebrum differ from humans/ reptiles & amphibians/animals?
-humans: cerebral cortex is most convoluted
-amph: cerebrum is largely olfactory
-animals: recieves info fr. other parts and coordinates sensory data and motor functions