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which structure is present in both prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic plant cells
cell well
the major factor limiting cell size is the
ratio of surface area to volume
which statement about mitochondria is not true
mitchondria are green because they contain chlorphyll
which statement about platids is true
they contain several types of pigments or polysaccharides
if all the iysosomes with in a cell suddenly ruptured, what would be the most liekly result
macromolecules in the cytosol would bein to break down
the golgi apparatus
modieifes and packages proteins
which organelle is not surroned by one or more membrane
the cytokeleton consists of
microtubules, intermedate filaments, and microfilaments
are composed of actin
which statement about the plant cell wall is not true
it completly isolates adjacent cells from one another
which statement about membrane proteins is not true
they flip-flop readkly from one side of the membrane to the other
when a hormone molecule binds to speific protein on the plasma membrane, the protein it binds to is called a?
receptor protein
which statement about membrane proteins is not true
they all extend from one side of the membrane to the other
which statement about membrane carbs is not true
they show little diversity
which statement about animal cell junctions is not true
gap junctions block communication between adjacent cells
you are studying how the proetin trasferrin enters cells. when you examine cells that have taken up transferrin, you find it inside clathrin. The most likely mechanisism for uptake of transferrin is?
receptor mediated endocytosis
which statement aobut ion channels is not true
all ions pass through the same type of channel
facilitated diffusion and active transport both
require the use proteins as carries
primary and secondary active transport both
can move solutes against their concentration gradients
which statement about osmosis is not true
red blood cells must be kept in a plasma that is hypotonic to the cells