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absorbs sunlight and transfers e glucose
2 pathways of photosynthesis
light reactions and calvin-benson cycle
2 pathways of photosynthesis: light reactions
driven by light E

-->es ATP and e- carrier NADPH + H+
2 pathways of photosynthesis: calvin-benson cycle
not use light directly

uses ATP, NADPH + H+ and CO2 to --> sugars

"dark rxns"
discrete packets of light

have wavelike propers

wavelength and E inversely proportional

when mol absorbs a proton, ground state--> excited state
mols that absorb wavelengths

appears a color b/c colors absorbed aren't shown
once a pigment absorbs light...
1) E released as a fluorescnce
2) passed to another pigment
noncyclic e- flow (photosyn)
-->es ATP and NADPH + H+ = amts

O2, H+ and e-s

release free E
calvin benson cycle
req's more ATP than NADPH + H+

only photosysm I

NADPH regulates whether cyclic or noncyclic

incorps CO2 into sugars