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krebs cycle (whole process)
pyruvic acid
--NAD->NADH---3 ATPs---
COa ->CO2

Acetyle CoA---recycled to pyruvate

citric acid 6-C

isocritic acid 6-C
NAD->NADH___CO2--- 3 ATP

Alpha-ketoglutaric acid 5-C

succinyl CoA 4-C
GDP-->GTP (adp>atp)--1 ATP
* only place where ATP made*

succinic acid 4-C

Fumaric Acid 4-C

Malic Acid 4-C
NAD--->NADH--- 3 ATP

Oxaloacetic Acid 4-C
all rxns in kreb cycle involve a ___
all rxns in kreb cycle involve a protein [E]
[E] in ____ of ____ (organelle)
[E] in matrix of mitochondria
1 pyruvate = ___ ATPS
1 pyruvate = 15 ATPS

*but usually 2 pyruvates --> 30 ATPS made by one turn
1 citric acid cycle -> __ ATPS
1 citric acid cycle -> 12 ATPS

4-C left
1 pyruvate --> 1 ethanol __
1 pyruvate --> 1 ethanol -1 NADH
1 pyruvate --> 1 lactic __
1 pyruvate --> 1 lactic

acetyle CoA--> __ ATP
acetyl CoA--> 12 ATP
complete oxi glucose --> __ ATPS
36 ATPs
pryvuate--acetyl CoA __ ATP
glycolysis __ ATP

*1 glucose = 2 pyruvavic acids
'completely oxidized' defined
breaking down CO2 and H2O to get the most E
what happens in the inner membrane of the mitochondria?
protien synthesizer, -->es ATP
FADH2 --> __ ATP in ETS
FADH2 --> 2 ATP in ETS
NADH --> __ ATP in ETS
NADH --> 3 ATP
what goes on in ETS
1. H+ pumped 1 side to other

2. e-s carried to one side, passed from e- carriers

3. e-s going to O2, will be changed to H20

4. ***terminal e- acceptor O2 in oxidating phosphoylation O2***

is the process of oxidative phsophorylation
oxidative phsophorylation
passing oe e-s thru series of meembranes associated w/ e- carriers into mitchon that will --> ATP

only happens in mitochon as other mols reduce

purpose of electron shuttling in respiratory chain (ETS)
purpose of e- shuttling is to pump p+ across mitochon mem against []gradient. this movement of e-s --> estab of P+ gradient across inner mitochon membrane..

polariezes the membrane
ATP synthase in ETS (respiratory chain)
in inner mitochon matrix

P+s + synthesis ATP
in cytoplasm

purpose: reduce pyruvate and return NAD for glycolysis use

-->es 2 ATP/1 glucose mol
metabolic pathways are controlled by ___