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Explain viral encephalitis & ex. of Clive Wearing given in lecture
Viral encephalitis is a viral infection that targets the brain and the central nervous system. Clive doesn't remember that he can read/play/conduct music but when put infront of a piano and choir he can do all of those things.
Discuss the human brain & ex. of other animal intelligence.
Average human brain weighs 3lbs. has over 100 billion nerve cells. It's complexity results from the types and #s of connections that each nerve cell has with other nerve cells. Animal Intelligence demonstrates that a very simple nervous system is adequate for the survival of many organisms.
Explain why the human brain has evolved to its current complexity.
The human brain may have envolved to its currect complexity because of the need to attract mates. Some scientists have proposed that sexual selection is one factor that has driven the extravagent development of the human brain.
Even though the brain makes up only ____ percent of the body weight, it uses _____ percent of the body's energy supply.
2, 20
Research has demonstrated that the _____ is the processing center in the brain for short-term memory.
An average human brain weighs
3 lbs
The technique known as _____ can detect a constant stream of electrical signals
Brain imaging techniques, such as _____ and _____, can easily visualize damage to different regions of the brain.
CAT, and MRI
The brain cannot survive more than a few minutes without ____ and _____.
oxygen, and glucose
How is it that the Moon Jelly invented animal intelligence?
In the Cambrian ocean, moon jellies swan with their pulsating movements. They invented muscle for movement and also the nerve cells to coordinate that movement. nerve cells found in moon jellies are essentially the same as the nerve cels foundin the human brain. The nerve cells have not changed their basic operational principles.
How are human and chimpanzees societies similar but also different?
Humans and chimpanzees live in a fission-fusion society with frequent changes in alliances between both indifiduals and groups. As groups within the human society become bigger the brain power is needed to keep the group together also becomes larger. Humans do not use grooming to build bonds but use conversation. Conversation is an efficient way to develop an understanding of another and to establish friendships.
Explain how the mud wasp exhibits mastery at building despite a small brain and limited neuronal capacity.
During mating season the female mud wasp digs a hole in the ground and connects it to the surface with a tunnel. This hole will serve as a nursery. To prevent other wasps from entering the tunnel and raiding the young the female mud wasp creates a perfectly shaped mud bell with smooth interior surface. This bell with smooth inner surface and perfect height keeps other wasps from entering the tunnel.
How does the honey bee provide an example of how the brain can change and adapt due to greater demand for brain power?
During most of their adult life, honey bee workers perform many duties and their simple brain is more than adequate to carry out these tasks. In the last two weeks of their life, however, all honey bee workers transform into faragers. To be successful a honey bee must learn to use the sun as a navigational tool and determine the time of day. They must also remember when flowers are open and be able to report the location of good foarging sites. Their brains add an additional 160,000 neurons in preparation to becoming a forager.
Why is a large mental capacity important to meerkats?
Meerkats possess a large brain in comparison to their body size. They need a large mental capacity to naviagate complex social interactions. They live in groups as large as 40 with an alpha breeder and other family members. The young require constant parental care. The adult members take turns in caring for the young while others forage for food. Some even serve as sentries and make warning calls when a predator is spotted. C
How does the chimpanzee exhibit intelligence?
Chimpanzees are highly social animals. They live in groups as large as 150 individuals. They use grooming to build alliances. When a male makes a bid for the dominant position he uses alliances to gain support from other members of the troop. They have developed highly sophisticated social and political skills similar to those in human society. They have been observed to rage war against neighboring groups.