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What are the three domain classifications?
bactera, archae, and eukarya
Name some examples of Eukarya
includes fungi, protists, plants, animals
What is the charge of an electron?
What are the major organic molecules?
Carbs, Lipids, Nucleic Acids, Protiens
Name some of the main roles of a carb
energy storage, contains sugar and starch molecules to burn, contain glucose (monomer), glycogen, cellulose, and chitin (polymers)
Name some properties of lipids
A. energy
B. fats and oils
C. contains phospholipids
What is a phospholipid?
found in lipids,
-main component of the cell membrane
-forms with heads facing outwards
What is contained in nucleic acids? (3)
-made of nucleotides
What are nucleotides?
-monomers of nucleic acids
-each is composed of a SUGAR, PHOSPHATE, and NITROGEN base
-atp is a nucleotide as well
What links protiens?
peptide bands (polypeptide)
Protien is an enzyme, T or F?
What is the primary role of an enzyme?
increase reaction rate
negative feedback
what is negative feedback?
when the product of a reaction series inhibits the first enzyme series
signal to stop production
What are some factors that affect enzyme activity?
-inhibitors that change shape of enzyme
-PH (ions in a solution)
Name some components of Cell Theory
-All living material is made of cells (exception virii)
-living cells arise from pre-existing cells