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The adult human of average age and seize has approximately how many quarts of blood:
Once the erythrocytes enter the blood in humans, it is estimated that they have an average lifetime of:
120 days
surplus red blood cells, needed to meet an emergency, are MAINLY stored in what organ
When a human donor gives a pint of blood, it usually requires how many weeks for the body RESERVE of red corpuscles to be replaced?
7 weeks
3 substances found in human blood which carry oxgen and which begin with H
The several types of white blood cells are sometime collectively referred to as:
The condition in which there is a DECREASE in the number of white blood cells in humans is:
the smallest of the FORMED elements of the blood are the
are roughly disk-shaped
have the ability ot synthesize proteins
are between 1/2 and 1/3 the diameter of the red cell
When a wound occurs in humans, the platelets in the blood activate a substance which starts the clotting process?
when looking at the cross section of the human tibia, one finds the red marrow in the
medullary cavity
Lenghening of long bones in humans occurs in a particular area of the bone. This area is called the
epiphysis (eh-pif-eh-sis)
part of the human brain which is an important relay station for the sensory impulses and also is the origin of many of the involuntary acts of the eye such as the narrowing of the pupil in bight light is the
In the human brain, bidt temperature, metabolism, heart rate, sexual development, sleep and the body's use of fat and water are influenced by this region of the brain
In which cerebral lobes is the speech center located
in most axons, the myelin sheath is interrupted at intervals of about 1mm or more. These interrtupions are called the
Nodes of Ranvier
Mosses and liverworts comprise this subdivision of plants
This disease, caused by infection with the gram-negative Yersinia pestis, is trasmitted by fleas from rats to humans
Bubonic Plague or Black Death
This element:
is required to insure the integrity and permeability of cell membranes
to regulate nerve and muscle excitability
to help maintian normal muscular contraction
to assure cardiac rhythmicity
plays an essential role in serveral of the enzymatic steps involved in blood coagulation
the most important elelment of bone salt
study of tooth decay
the larval form of butterflies and moths is more commonly known as
Name the sac-like pouch of the large intestine, situated below the level of the juncion of the small intestine into the side of the large intestine. At the lower portion of this pouch one finds the appendix
cecum or caecum
name the clear watery liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord and fills the four cavities or ventricles of the brain
cerebrospinal fluid
the order of insects which includes beetles is known as
in most species of paramecium there are how many contractile vacuoles
The major fibrous proteins are
myosin and actin
Name the outer portion of a stem or root, bounded externally by the epidermis, and internally by the cells of the pericycle
costal cartilage
attach the ribs to the sternum
the resting potential of a neuron is dependent on what two ions
sodium and potassium ions
melatonin is produced by the
pineal gland
a protein
secreted by the pancreas
involved i nteh metabolism of glucose
Thyroid gland
anterior pituitary
ovary or testis
the sturcutre that is directly attached to teh ovary
suspensory ligaments
Fertilization of the ovum by the sperm usually occurs in the