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What is binominal nomenclature?
the assigning of names to organisms in a scientific classification system using the genus as the first name and the species as the second. EX/ Homo Sapeins
What is phyletic graducalism?
The very slow stages of evolutionary descent and development of a species or group of organisms.
What is punctuated equilibrium?
The theory that speciation occurs in spurts of major genetic alterations that punctuate long periods of little change.
What is speciation?
The evolutionary formation of new species by dividance of a single species into 2 or more genetically distinct ones.
What is ecological succession?
Transition in the species composition of a biological community often following a flood, fire, or volcanic eruption.
What are detrivores?
An organism that derives its energy from organic wastes and dead organisms.
What is mimicry?
A species has evolved so it resembles another type of organism.
What is symbiosis?
A close association organisms of 2 or more species.
What is mutualism?
A sybiotic relationship by which both partners benifit.
What is microbial antagonism?
a struggle against bacterium.
What is Progeria?
rapid onset of physical changes typical of old age, resulting in death before the age of 20.
what is a niche?
A population role in its community; the sum total of a population.
Who is Jean-Babtiste Lamarck?
Proposed the first theory of evolution in 1801. It was incorrect but it stimulated discussion of evolution.
Who is Carrolus Linnaeus?
Developed the first systematic scheme in classifying living organisms 250 yrs ago.
What causes testicular feminization?
Genetic mutations on the X chromosome making the developing male baby unable to respnod to androgens.
What is the 10% rule?
For every conversion, 90% of the energy is lost as hear. Only 10% is available for use. Vegitarians vs meat eaters.
What are three types of interactions of biotic factors of an ecosystem?
1. soil forms foundation for ecosystem-provides resources for proiferation of vegitation.
2. Plants attract herbivors to eat them.
3. herbivores attract carnivores to eat them.
What is the order of the classification system?
Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.
What kingdom has the most members?
How does speciation occur?
By achieving reproductive isolation
What are two types of reproductive barriers?
prezygotic, postzygotic
What is the name is Darwin's book on natural selection?
Origin of Species
What was the name of Darwin's ship?
HMS Beagle
What islands did he make his observations at and what did he observe?
observed finches on galopagos islands
What percent of people get alzheimers disease over the age of 65?
1 in 10, 10%
What percent of people get alzheimer's disease over the age of 85?
How are free radicals formed?
cellular respiration
What is geographic isolation?
species occur in different places
What is ecological isolation?
species utilize different resources in the habitat
what is behavior isolation?
species have different mating rituals
what is temporal isolation?
mating or flowering occur during different seasons or at different seasons or at different times of the day
what is mechanical isolation?
structural differences prevent mating or pollen transfer
what is gametic isolation?
gametes fail to attract each other or funtion poorly
what is allopatric speciation/
the formation of a new species as a result of ancestral population becoming isolated by geographical barrier.