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What are the two types of chlorophyll?
Chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B
What are the colors of the spectrum?
R O Y G. B I V
e r e r l n i
d a l e u d o
n l e e i l
g o n g e
e w o t
Chlorophyll A
primary pigment
Antonine Lavoisier
Determined that oxygen is removed from air during burning. This led scientists to determine that animal life needs oxyen.
Jan Ingenhousz
Showed that the effect observed by Priestly only occured in sunlight. This showed that light is necessary for plants to produce oxygen.
Jean Senebier
Said that plants only use carbon dioxide in sunlight.
Jan van Helmont
Grew a small tree in a pot for five years and concluded that the new plant mertial came directly from the water and not from soil, as he had thought, because the mass of the soil remained unchanged. Water was the only thing he added to the pot.
Chlorophyll B
Made of:
carotenes-orange pigment
xanthophylls-yellow pigment
(fall leave colors)
absorb light and transfer energy to Chlorophyll A
What wavelengths of light are absorbed and converted most by (green) chlorophyll?
red and blue wavelength light
Joseph Priestley
Put a glass jar over a candle and flame gradually died out. He reasoned something in the air kept the candle burning: oxygen. He placed plant under jar and allowed a few days to pass. Plant relighted the candle. Plant grew well in this environment. *First evidence that plants interact with he air.
What happens during photosynthesis in the presence of enzymes?
Carbon dioxide and water are rearranged to form C6H12O6 (glucose) and by produce oxygen is released
What are the two types of autotrophs?
photoautotrophs- uses light to carry out photosynthesis
chemoautotroph-gets energy from inorganic chemicals using chemical reactions
In what form does light travel to Earth?
white light