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The ________ theory describes how the universe was formed about 13.7 billion years ago.
Big Bang
The amount of oxygen in our current atmosphere is a result of billions of years of photosynthesis by ___________.
Three basic characteristics of life include the abilities to use energy, ______, and _______.
reproduce, evolve
All matter in the universe, including the matter in your body, comes from the inside of ______.
The fact that all living organisms, from simple bacteria to human beings, use the same ____________ , points to the commonality of life on Earth.
genetic code
One of the hypotheses for the Cambrian explosion was an increase in the Earth’s _______ concentration, which promoted the evolution or larger body forms.
__________ _________ is the universal mechanism to insure individual uniqueness.
Sexual reproduction
Humans are nothing more than a collection of molecules composed of hydrogen, ____________, and ___________, yet we are one of the most complex creatures on Earth.
oxygen, carbon: any order
The protein, which acts like cellular “glue” to hold cells together, is called _________. This protein was first used by the group of animals known scientifically as ________ .
collagen, Porifera
To coordinate the motion of muscles, the cnidarians a simple network of _______ that allow the muscle fibers to communicate using a combination of electrical impulses and chemical signals.
nerve cells
In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, . Alice asked the ________ why they did not seem to be going anywhere during their race. This scene is a good analogy for the Evolutionary Arms race, in which neither participant can get anywhere, but must keep evolving in order to just keep up.
Red Queen
Scientists have shown that at some point in evolution, ___________ cells took up residence in eukaryotic cells to become the first organelles through a process know as ______________.
prokaryotes; endosymbiosis
Even though we are one of the most complex organisms on the planet, less than ____ percent of the human genome is used to encode functional proteins.
Scientists have found that there are a small group of genes known as the ______ genes which are responsible for directing the body pattern formation in all animals.
A brain’s complexity results mainly from the types and numbers of _________ that each nerve cell has with other nerve cells.