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any trace of an organism that lived in the past. these traces range from bones and branches to shells, tracks or impressions, and dung
Fossil record
consists of all the fossils that have been found and described in the scientific literature
the study of how species and populations are distributed geographically
the branch of biology concerned with the classification and naming of organisms
species no longer exists
Continental drift
the motion of continents over large periods of time due to plate tectonics
transitional form
a fossil species with traits that are intermediate between those of older and younger species
relatedness, based on shared traits
a shared trait
vestigial trait
reduced or incompletely developed structures that have no function or reduced function but are clearly similar to functioning organs or structures in other species
structural homology
morphological traits that are similar
developmental homology
similar traits of developing embryos of different species; observed at two levels: in the overall morphology of embryos and in the fate of particular embryonic tissues
genetic homology
a similarity in the DNA sequences of genes from different species
analogous traits
characteristics that are similar but that did not exist in a common ancestor
convergent evolution
occurs when natural selection favors similar solutions to the problems posed by a similar way of making a living