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Spontaneous Generation
The belief that living things were created out of nothing. Living things only come from living things. Redi, Spallanzani, Pasteur
Characteristics of Viruses
1. Cells
2. Can die, be fought off
3. Can reproduce
4. React to stimuli
5. Grow and develop
6. Spread
Characteristics of Living Things
1. Specific Genetic Coding, DNA
2. Internal Balance, homeostasis
3. Use and obtain energy and nutrients, metabolism
4. Respond to environment
5. Evolve over time
6. Grown and develop
7. Reproduce
8. Cells
Controlled Variable stays the same in each experiment
(temp., lighting, time, etc.)

Independent variable is like a lid on a flask or something manipulated
Order of Levels
1. Biosphere- earth
2. Ecosystem- community and surroundings
3. Community- populations
4. Population- organisms
5. Organisms- group of cells
6. Cells- smallest functional unit of life
7. Molecules- group of atoms