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The biological species definition is based on the following principles:
all of the above
T/F: Without a clear definition of what constitutes a species, protection of endangered species cant be carried out effectively.
The most common type of speciation is
Allopatric speciation
The bonobo society is a less violent society than that of common chimpanzees because
The females are able to bond together to dominate males
Evidence for bipedalism of early humans is found with
Australopithecus Afaransis
Bipedalism is believed to be first found in
Australopithecus Afararansis
Evidence of pair bonding was first found about
1.7 million years ago
The neandertal burrials possesed which of the following characteristics
simple and plain
T/F: The basic human intelligence in learning language and aquiring different skills was developed after homo sapiens left Africa to colonize different parts of the world
The complexity of the human mind is the result of a human brain that has
100 billion neurons
In the classification system first developed by Linnaeus, he used the following species definition
Typological species definition
For asexual organisms, one of the following species definitions does not work
biological species definition
Graphical separation of one population into two populations that eventually became two separate species is known as
Allopatric speciation
Females of the common chimpanzees mate with every male. This behavior is driven by
The hunting tactics used by the earliest form of humans is known as
The ambush hunt
The number of known species has existed since the evolution of bipedalism
T/F: even though homo habilis were the first toolmakers, they lack language, imagination, and creativity
The neandertal spear points were made of:
T?F: A 40,000 year old human skull from Africa is very different from the skull of an individual from the 21st century.
T/F: Language, artistic expression, humor, and other intellectual activites are altered form of sexual display for reproductive fitness
The species definition that is most familiar to the general publi is the
biological species definition
The pluralistic speciation definition approach has the following properties:
all of the above
Speciation can also occur when different ecological conditions persist without geographical separation. This is known as
sympatric speciation
The common chimpanzees are unable to feed on the forest floor because
gorillas feed on the forest floor
The fossil evidence for early human bipedalism was foind in Laetoli for
One male, one female, one child
The first human species started making and using stone tools was
H. Habilis
About 1.8 million years ago, the first human species ventured out of Africa was
H. erectus
The neandertals had a physique that was well suited for
a cold climate
Homo sapiens were descendents of
homo heidelbergensis
T/F: Human brain is equipped to use language syntax, to thoughts, to tell a story, and to utilize symbolic representation
The organisms that can withstand high hydrostatic pressure are known as
Which one of the following nutritional modes is uesd by hot vent arachaebacteria?
Organisms living in the deep ocean will not survive when they are brought to the surface because they can not adjust to the
change in pressure
Hydrothermal vents support a thriving ecological community from the release of
hydrogen sulfide
In the cold seep, tubeworms are also found to harbor archaebacteria that thrive on hydrogen sulfide; these tubeworms can live up to
150 years
The parrot fish gaze on the coral reef in search of
Which one of the following organisms plays a critical role in determining the size and richness of an ecosystem?
Which one of the following ecological crisis is of anthropic origin?
none of the above
Algae are found in great abundance in the coral reef
All of the above
In the great barrier reef, the destruction of the coral reef is caused by
crown of thorn startish infestation
The organisms that can thrive in very low temperature are known as
Which one of the following nutritional modes is used by humans?
Sperm whales dive to hunt squid at a depth of
1,000 meters
The producer of the hydrothermal vents are a group of organisms belong to
Which one of the following factors is considered to be a biotic factor of the ecosystem?
Anthropic activities