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describe and give examples of ligand-gated ion channel receptors
Several subunits span the membrane

effect is to open an ion pathway
very fast response , ms

Examples: AcH, Glutamate, GABA
G-protein coupled receptors
1-2 dissimilar subunits span the membrane

interact with effector molecule via G-protein

response time = seconds

Ex. Beta-adrenergic, PARs

B-receptor has 7span shape.
Insulin-like receptors
2 A and B subunits transmembrane

phosphorylate themselves, attaching P to tyrosine

Ex. Insulin receptor, growth factors

response time = minutes
intracellular receptors
reside in the nucleus, response time = hours, change gene expression

i.e. receptors for steroids, vitamin D, retionids, thyroid hormones
List the major 4 types of receptors
ligand-gated ion, g-protein, intracellular, and insulin-like
what physical charactertistics distinguish the groups of receptors from each other?
intracellular = inside nucleus
other 3 = cell membrane

ligand-gated = 5 similar subunits

insulin-like = phosphorylate themselves

G-protein = special PAR receptor that has a 7-span shape
how do g-protein coupled receptors accomplish their cellular effects
activated after being bound by a hormone where they then affect cAMP and cGMP and cause an effect on an effector molecule
what is PAR
Protease Activated Receptors are G-protein linked receptors that are activated by the proteolytic removal of a portion of the N-terminus of the 7span shaped receptor by thrombin or trypsin.