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To cushion it against external pressure and shock, the eye is filled with a gelatinous liquid known as the ________.
Vitreous humor
Visual processing is a complex process that involves up to ____ of the human brain.
Almost 2/3 of all neurons in the human brain are located in te "mammalian brain," otherwise known as the _______.
Cerebral cortex
Basic physiological processes such as breathing and digestion are controlled by the ____.
brain stem
the portion of the brain where visual information is processed is known as the ____.
Visual cortex
Language is in the ___ side of the brain.
Brain's ability to filter out visual info and only allow recogntion of input that is important is called _____
subliminal perception
brain uses ___% of body's energy and is ___% of the body's weight
20% body energy, 2% weight
____ have long cellular processes known as axons and dendrites.
Nerve cells
the ____ conduct ____ toward the cell body, wheras the axons conduct electrical signals away fro the cell body.
dendrites, electrical signals
basic functions of nerves have remained essentially unchanged for ____ million years.
Brain weighs
3 lbs
detects a constant stream of electrical lsignals
Brain imaging techniques such as ____ and ____ can easily visualize damage to different regions of the brain.
The brain cannot survive more than a few minutes w/out ___ and ____.
oxygen and glucose
____ cells are operated by an comboination of electrical currents and chemical transmitters.
Neurotransmitters are released into the ___ ____ when released by the axon.
synaptic cleft
Female genetaila develops at 6 weeks from ____
Mullerian ducts
Male genetaila develops at 6 weeks from ___.
Wolffian ducts
the determining y gene is known as ___
CAIS stands for
Complete Androgen Insensitive Syndrome
Turners Syndrome
XO genotype, phenotype and genotype are female
Kleinfelter Syndrome
XXY geneotype. Phenotype and genotype are male.
XYY Syndrome
Phenotype and gender are male
Triple X Syndrome
XXX geneotype, phenotype and gender female
females can turn into males
protogyny found in wrasses
males can turn into females
protandry found in clown fish.
Trisomy 21
Downs syndrome