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What is the study of Fungi?
are fungi eucaryotic or procaryotic?
what is the cell wall made of in fungi?
what is the basic structural unit of multicellular fungi?
what is the function of septa?
it allows exchange of materials between fungal cells
what is mycelium?
a mat or network of interwoven Hyphae
What is the study of Fungi?
describe the extra cellular digestion in fungi
digestive enzymes are released onto food, food is broken down, then absorbed
what are saprophytes?
organisms that digest and absorb nutrients from dead organisms
how many forms of asexual reproduction are there?
what is budding?
a form of asexual reproduction where a new organism grows off of a parent organism
what is regeneration?
a type of asexual reproduction where a piece breaks off and grows into new hyphae
what is spore production?
a type of asexual reprodcuction where spores are reproductive cells that germinate and develop into a new organism
how does sexual reproduction take place in fungi?
The hyphae of the two different mating types fuse during sexual reproduction and grow into the distinct reproductive structures called fruiting bodies
are zygomycota Terrestrial decomposers?
give an exampl of zygomycota
black bread mold
how do zygomycota reproduce asexually?
asexually by producing spores in a sporangium
how do zygomycota reproduce sexually?
Tips of 2 different mating types fuse in conjugation. The n nuclei form 2n zygotes when fused. The fused gametangia forms a zygospore that contains the 2n zygotes that undergo meiosis to form n spores
what are the functions of rhizoids in a zygomycota?
anchor and penetrate foodstuff to digest
what are the functions of stolons in a zygomycota?
cover surface of food to connect rhizoids
what is the largest division of fungi?
where do the sexual spores form in an ascomycota?
in the ascus
how do ascomycota frequently reproduce?
what types of diseases do ascomycota cause?
plant diseases
in the division Basidiomycota what type of reproduction is most common?
what is the reproductive structure in Basidiomycota?
why are Deuteromycota called the imperfect fungi?
because they have no known sexual stage
what does penicillium make?
bleu cheese and penicillin
in the division Deuteromycota what is Aspergillus?
soy sauce
what are the causes of Deuteromycota?
athletes foot, jock itch, and ring worm