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Muscle fiber
long, cyndrical cell w/ many nuclei
plasma membrane in a muscle fiber. Form a set of T-tubules (transverse tubules)
cytoplasm of a muscle fiber.
2 types of myofilaments
Myosin filaments
thick, consist of protein myosin
Actin filaments
protein actin. contain Tropomyosin and troponin complex that regulate actin.
repeating units of actin and myosin. Hundreds of sarcomere make up a myofibril
Z line
join sarcomeres. interweaving filaments.
contraction characteristic
sliding filament model
theory of muscle contraction.
"wave of depolarization"
action potential. nerve impulse. cholinesterase removes acetylcholine.
motor unit
motor neuron is connected to 150 muscle fibers.
neuromuscular junction
junction of a motor neuron w/ a muscle fiber
action potential
-depolarization travels along sarcolemma into T-tubule membranes.
-Opens calcium channels in sarcoplasmic reticulum releasing CA into myofibrils.
-ca binds to troponin complex on actin. Troponin pushes tropomyosin away from actin sites.
-one end of each myosin molecule is folded into 2 heads.
-ATP is bound to myosin. myosin converts chemical energy of ATP into mechanical energy of sliding filaments.
-myosin head cross bridges w/ actin
muscle tone
partial contraction. process for readiness.
Rigor mortis
muscular rigidity after death results from ATP depletion
Creatine phosphate
energy storage compund. enrgy is transferred to ATP as needed.
polysaccharide formed from glucose molecules.