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Biological Community
organisms interacting with one another and with nonliving environment
2. Ecology
the science that studies such relationships and the interactions with nature.
3. Organism
Any life form
4. Species
a group of organisms that resemble one another in appearance
5. Microbes
term for thousands of species of bacteria, protoza, fungi, and yests.
6. Population
a group of interacting individuals of the same species occupying the same area
7. Genetic Diversity
When a population does not look or act alike.
8. Habitat
Where a population lives
9. Distribution or Range
an area where a species is found
10. Biological Community
a community where many different species live and interact with each other
11. Eco System
a community where populations of different species interact with one another and their non-living environment of matter and energy
12. Biosphere
– the global ecosystem where all life is interconnect
13. Atmosphere
a thin envelope or membrane of air around the planet
14. Troposhere
the atmosphere’s inner layer
15. Stratosphere
The atmosphere’s next layer that lower portion contains the ozone
16. Hydrosphere
consists of the earth’s water
consists of the earth’s crust and upper matle.
18. Biomes
large regions with distinct climates and specific species
19. Aquatic Life Zones
parts of the biosphere containing many ecosystems
20. Abiotic
Consists non-living componets
21. Biotic
– Consists non-living componets