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Which one of these alleles are Homozygous?
the answer is b)TT
A cross between parents AaxAa
would result in how many children with same genotypes?
What are sex-linked traits?
Traits controlled by genes located on sex chromosome
What are somatic cells?
They are all the cells in an organism except the sex cells
Linked Genes are located on different chromosomes. True or False?
False, they are located on the same chromosome.
Which of the following is a test cross?
c)bb cross it with the most recessive
A yellow wrinkled pea(YYrr)is crossed with a green round pea(yyRR), how many green wrinkled peas will be in F1 Generation?
None, all will be yellow round.
Phenotype refers to the genes an organism contains, True or False?
False. Phenotype refers to the observable triat.
What is an example of polygenic traits?
skin colour,eye colour, and height are just some of the many.
What is gene therapy?
The replacement of defective genes with nowmal genes in order to cure genetic diseases.
Where did early scientists believe hereditary traits where located?
in the blood,this was later proven wrong
In flowers a red flower combines with a white flower to produce a pink flower, what is this an example of?
Incomplete Dominance
What is codominance?
The expression of one allele does not mask the expression of another, they are both expressed.
What are alleles?
They are two or more alternate forms and a gene
An Austrian Monk that worked with garden peas to help explain the mechanism of inheritance and understand heredity.
Gregor Mendel