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If the parent's of a certain group of offspring are Rr & rr, what is the ratio of dominant compared to recessive?
If the parent's of a certain group of offspring are Rr & Rr, what is the ratio of dominant compared to recessive?
If an unknown genotype is test crossed with a recessive genotype and the outcome shows that only the dominant gene is present, the unknown must be:
a) homozygous dominant
b) heterozygous dominant
Red flowers are crossed with white flowers. The offspring shows a new pink color. This kind of incomplete dominance is:
a) codominance
b) intermediate inheritance
intermediate inheritance is when a new phenotype is present. Codominance is when both phenotypes are present at the same time(ex. roan calf)
If an individual crossed a pea that was green and wrinked with another pea that was yellow and round, would the shape genes affect the colour genes?
Independent Assortment.
The genes that govern pea shape are inherited independently of the ones that contol pea color.
What is epistasis?
Epistasis is when gene(s) mask the expression of other genes.
ex. chicken combs
Incomplete dominance ONLY happens when...
neither gene exerts a dominant influence.
What is the difference between monohybrid crosses and dihybrid crosses?
Monohybrid crosses only deal with one trait(pea shape - Ss), while dihybrid crosses deal with two traits at the same time(pea shape & pea color(Cc) - SsCc)
How do u find a cross over percentage?
divide the number of recombinations by total number of offspring and then multiply by 100.
- that percent would equal the same amount of distance on a chromosome map(7% = 7 units)
Can males be heterozygous for sex linked trait?
males cannot carry a trait on their Y chromosome, therefore they will only have one trait and that will be on the X, which is given by the mother.
A pair of genes seperate during the formation of sex cells. This process is called?
- happens during meiosis
Which is the genotype:
a) black
b) TT
- a genotype is the DNA code that refers to the genes an organism contains
One gene masks the effect of another. This process is known as the principle of?
ex. black(T) is dominant over brown coat color(t), therefore the black will mask the brown.
Parents: MmSs x mmss
What will the gametes be?
[MS],[Ms],[mS],[ms] x [ms]
DdFf x DdFf are crossed. What will the ratio of the f2 be?
9 - dominant for both(D_F_), 3 dominant for D only(D_ff), 3 dominant for F only(ddF_), & 1 both recessive(ddff)