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KNOW stratum basale = actively dividing stem cells
- stem cells undergo cell division, to produce new kerainocytes
cells responsible for touch
Merkle cells
3 muscles
skeletal, cardiac, elastic
papillary & reticular layers
= dense irregular & loose connective
where are eccrine glands found? what products are secreted?
palms of hands, soles of feet
- water, sale, nitrogen waste
lamellar granules
release lipid-rich, water-repellent secretion
strong tough fibrous protein called keratin
-these are flattened cells, where organelles are begining to degenerate
Where are apocrine glands found ___ what does it secrete?
armpit, analgenital,
-more milky, not watery (stinkier )
what do sebaceous glands produce?
oil, contributes to keeping hair moist
4 sensory receptors
Merkle, free nerve endings, Meissner corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles
ceruminous glands
-produces ear wax, found in external ears
Reticular Region consists of what type of tissue?
dense irregular tissue (containing fibroblasts, collagen, &coarse elastic fibers) Between fibers are adipose, hair follicles, neves, sebaaceous glands & sudoriferous glands. So it's a combinatio nof collagen & elastic fbers, gives skin strenght, extensibility & elasticity
nail matrix
-where mitosis occurs
hair matrix
-where mitosis occurs