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embryonic connective tissue
eye region, shoulder, spine, upper back, middle back, lower back, arm (upper/lower), sternal, armpit
orbital, acromial, vertebral, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, gluteal, antebrachial, brachail, sternal, axillary
front & back
bottom of foot, calf, back of knee
plantar, calf (sural), popliteal
shoulder elbow
s is proximal to elbow
sternum is ___ thoracic vertebrae
body cavities
cranial, per0cardial (not thoracic)
lungs are found in ___ cavity
LUMEN review: brown spots - name tis row of cells (*there are blood vessels) - kidney tubules,
simple cuboidal
****** where are simple cuboidal found?
kidny glands ducts of endocrine glands
simpl columnar
sotomach, small intest, large intest, anyting below large intestin
what's all these below?
loose connective - areolar connective
slide 3: all purple w/big goblet cells (slide 12)
-goblet cells that spews out something
slide 4: (multiple qustions) name tissues
pseudo stratified ciliated columnar
connective tissues = loose connective (cells are far part & not much fiber!!!!)
basement membrane
slide 5: picture w/face: also example with (GI tract)*****
non keryat strat squam epithelium (diaphramg is on the right, left is stomach, bec this is the GI tract!!!!)
slide 6: Gi39.jpg (w/lots of red blood cells, = caapillaries) lined with ___
simple columnar/loose connective (microvilli are smaller & closer)
rbs lined w/simple squamous epithelium
slide 7: (thyroid gland) nice & purple circle
simple cuboidal (hormaone stored in follicle)
slide 9: anme his tissue type lymph organ, thymus)
Reticular connective tissues (use all your words!!!)
slide 10: name
elevation: papilla (you're looking at dermal papillae) everythin above the papillae is
type of tissue
dense irregular connective tissues!!!!!
slide 11: name this tissues tpe (it's blood)
connective tissue
slide 12 (not on test)
nerve, each dot has a myelin sheath around it
slide 13 tisue
dense regular (found in tendons, ligaments)
slide: name this tissue type)
keratinized strat squamous epithelium
msot dermis is mostly
dense irregular, but border is loose
slide 13: bone
connective tissues
lacuna containing osteocytes
haversian canal (w/red cells & fat)
osteon/haversian system
slide 14: name this tissues type
connective tissue: loose (areolar)
slide 15 (artery) name the tissue that lines the artery
simple squamous!!!!!!!!! (always lines blood vessels, & heart) also found in lungs, capillaries (THSI IS ON THE TEST!) blood vessesl & lungs ( alveioli)
slide 16 (SLIDE 36) (like a tooth upside down)
Sratifed squamous (taste buds)
slide 17: name the tissue: purple:
hyaline cartilage
white area w/purple dot = lacuna CONTAINIG chondrocytes (we know stuff inside is not nerves, it's more packed)
name this tissue type
Pseudo stratified ciliated columnar epithelium
KNOW: where yo ufind elastic cartilage: hylaine, elastic & fibro
elastic: ear + epiglottis
fibro cartilage = vertebrae, discs, meniscus
hyaline = larynx, nose, ribs, everything else
what type of fiber make up connective tissue?
collagen, elastic, reticular
model of skin: name dark orange layer
stratum basale!!!!!!!!
dermal papillae
name this laeyr
b s g l c
light blue
apocrine gland (it's in armpit)
red muscle
erector pilli
yellow bulb
pacinian corpuscle (HINT: nerves are yellow ) on the model
which nerve receptor senses temp pain
free nerve endings
whch dep pressure
Pacinian corpuscle
gland going to hair follicel
sebaceous gland
slide (skin) : name this titsue (THINK DARK SKIN) (jay doc ski)
kera strat squam epith (top layer = stratuk corneum) very botoe: stratum basale, brown cells are pigments and are called melanocytes
Skin (lumen) praactical 13: what is this?
looks like duct , it's sweat gland
skin (lumen) what kind of epithelium ?
srat kerat squamous EPITHELIUM
what's layer arrow
stratum corneum
what kind of cellular junction is this?
desmosome(not ight!)
what is this layer?
dermis!!!!!!!! (yellos star)
what layer is this?
stratum basale