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Clade Alveolata
Ceratium hirundinella (creates red tide tampa)
Clade Stramenopila
Diatomaceous earth (SiO2), Ectocarpus (brown algae), Sargassum (brown algae), Laminaria (brown Algae)
Clade Euglenozoa
Clade Chlorophyta
Spirogyra (reproduces sexually by conjugation), Chara, Ulva
Clade Amoebozoa
Amoeba proteus
Clade Cercozoa (Threadlike Pseudopodia)
Foraminfera (Forams)
Clade Euglenozoa
*Trypanosoma bruceii rhodesiense (African sleeping sickness, Vector=Tse se fly=genus:Glossina)
Clade Alveolata
Paramecium multimicronucleatum
Clade Rhodophyta (Red Algae)
Porphyra, Batrachospermum
Clade Radiolaria
Phylum Oomycota
Contains water molds, white rusts and downy mildews
I am Ceratium hirundinella, clade Alveolata and I cause red tide.
What am I? What clade do i belong to and what do I do to the sea/marine?
this is diatomaceous earth (diatoms) clade Stramenopila. This can be used as filters in pools it is a very mild abrasive and for this purpose has been used in toothpaste and metal polishes.

*****Shell is SiO2
what am I, what clade do I belong? What do I do for you?
I am Ectocarpus in clade stramenopila. Kingdom Protista

Hair like brown algae found during high tide : )
What am I and what clade do I belong?
Sargassum (brown Algae) clade Stramenopila. A closeup of a small mass of sargassum weed. The numerous small round spheres are floats filled with carbon dioxide. These provide buoyancy to the algae.
What am I? What clade do I belong to?
pay attention to structure 1,3,4,6,7 !!!
this is microscope so all structures can not be identified no worries
Chara, clade chlorophyta Inhabits small temperated lakes marshes
What am I what clade do i belong to?
I am Ulva (Sea lettece) clade chlorophyta
What am I? What is my common name and what clade do I belong too?
***What am i? What Clade do i belong and what are structures 3,5,2,7,4?
I am Amoeba proteus, clade Amoebozoa
Foraminfera (Forams) clade Cercozoa
What am I. What clade do I belong?
I am Trypanosoma bruceii rhodesiense. Clade Euglenozoa. I cause African Sleeping Sickness by means of the Tse se Fly *** genus Glossina
What am I. What clade do I belong and ***what sickness do I cause?
Physarum (Plasmodial Slime Mold) Clade Amoebozoa, ***Methyl Cell
What am I? What clade do I belong? What kind of cell am I?
Paramecium multimicronucleatum. Clade Alveolata
What am I? What clade do I belong? Where are my macronucleous and where are my micro?
*****What am I? What clade do I belong?
I am Porphyra (red algae)! I belong to Clade Rhodophyta!!!
Batrachospermum. Clade Rhodophyta(Red Algae) Because I am green!!! help
What am I? What clade do I belong? And why am I the wrong color?
I am types of Radiolarians. Clade Radiolaria. Several geometric shapes.
What am I? What clade do I belong? How could you describe me?
Physarum (Plasmodial Slime Mold) Clade Amoebozoa, ***Methyl Cell
What am I? What clade do I belong?